Student Leadership

Together with building leadership skills appropriate to their age, students are given opportunities and guidance, taking on leadership roles as class monitors, sport's team captains, leaders of co-curricular groups, Sports House captains and members of the Student Representative Council. At Riverside, students learn that an individual really can make a positive difference.

Principal's Message

I am very proud to be the principal of a school of influence in the education of young women. Education has the power to change women's lives and is the first step in providing equality for all women both locally and internationally.

This empowerment is why our school focus will always be on learning. Students will talk about the quality educational experiences that engage them and develop their creativity, teachers will talk about 21st century skills and quality assessment of learning and parents will connect quality teaching and learning with achieving personal best and the most desirable post school options. Riverside is a school where a focus on learning means students and teachers believe in the power that competency in both spoken and written language brings.  

Belinda Kelly
M.A. (Hons) Dip. Ed.

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein, 20th century philosopher

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